Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Youth's role


Do you know soekarno? Do you know what he said about youth in his speech? “Give me ten youth, I will shake the world.” Can you imagine that? How soekarno can shake the world, and we know the world is very wide. According to me, I am not sure about that. Even though we give him a hundred or a thousand youth, it is impossible for him to shake it. How about you, are you sure about that? If we see it from the words, it is impossible soekarno can shake the world. Because those are not just the words. But From those words, we can take conclusion that youth is a key of a nation, even in the world.
In any history of reformation in Indonesia, youth, especially students had always given its own color by being a key holder of bearer of reformation. Behavior and quality of youth in a nation directly reflect the nation itself. So, what are the relationship between youth and the progress of a nation? Let us see from economy side!
The economic weakness in Indonesia caused by the presence conglomerate by certain parties and many unemployment youth. The phenomenon of unemployment is caused not only from people who are less educated, but also because of lack of job for graduate of higher education. As we know, even busking, scavenging and begging have become a profession in our country. How does it do that? What would happen if every citizen in our country were like that? Even people who have got bachelor’s degree was difficult to get a job based on their majors. It was really unfortunate when we see our scholars’ fate were like that.  In fact, the increasing number of scholars, it will add number of unemployment in our country.
Why are these things happening?
When will all these end?
The high number of population and lack of jobs are the most important factors that have not finished yet. Another thing that caused much unemployment in this country is because of the lack of self-awareness of the students on the importance of skills that can support their academic value. In this globalization era, the competition to get a job in the world is very tight. It is not enough if we just think about our GPA without accompanied by our expertise. Expertise and professional of labor are required by institutions. But unfortunately many students who just think about academic value without accompanied by special skills. Things like that have led the growing number of unemployment, because when they graduate they are confused to find a job.
What should we do?
As a student, we should implant the entrepreneurship spirit in our heart from early age. This supply is intended that every student not only rely on existing job but even expected to create jobs. Lack of jobs is the main factor in unemployment’s problem. Crimes that happened in our country, such as stealing and robbery caused because of many unemployment. They do not have a job, so they do that. Hence, all elements of nation should address the unemployment issues clearly and thinks best solution to handle it. The only thing that can help to alleviate this problem is us, young generation. In hands of young generation, the hopes of this nation are.
Entrepreneurship is one of solution that can be attempted student to take Indonesia economy to be better. Becoming entrepreneur can really change the better future for ourselves, other people, and our nation because by being entrepreneur means we are able to provide additional employment.
As Jusuf Kalla said, “The success of this nation lies in young generation. Growth of young entrepreneurs in Indonesia indicates the successful economic development of Indonesia. So, it is very good for entrepreneurial spirit instilled as soon as possible. Never be afraid to fail. Because in life, there is no word of fail, there is only word of learning. Failure is learning process. Successful is a must because God loves us. Youth’s Fangs of nation are still very sharp and ready to help and encourage people to move forward. One point to remember, optimism is important, but it will be useless if it is not followed by real action. Therefore, let us give color to the record of the progress of our nation with real action from youths in build nation.

Let us show the world that the nation’s youth fangs are still sharp and Indonesia will continue to be bearer of reformation and progress in nation’s life. My last words are show your best trousers, create your color and be rainbow for your country.